A Great Ingredient Partner

We care about the environment and are committed to driving our business based on environmental principles.

We source grain in a forward thinking manner for our customers by contracting forward and ensuring availability.

For example, oats are a small minority crop in the UK and without the contracts we offer, farmers would be in constant short supply. We incentivise our farmers to grow oats to ensure supply meets demand.

We have a very experienced grain team, including an Agronomist who advises farmers and merchants on the ideal oats required for our mill.

We understand that in a modern business environment, reaction time, good customer service, on time and full deliveries and adherence to the highest technical specifications are all non-negotiable. We’re proud that our ability to meet these criteria are recognised as industry leading.

We encourage farmers to grow oats close to our mill, and a substantial quantity of our total requirement is grown and harvested within an 80 mile radius of our mill.

The passion of our owners means we are able to continuously invest capital in the business, enabling us to meet the standards of our customers and create a safe environment for our staff.

We’re pleased to say our staff are experienced and loyal which provides the stability needed in a complex business.

Our values drive our behaviour and we’ll never compromise our reputation or those of our customers through any action or attempt at short term gain. We’re well known for our ethical approach and commitment to do things the right way.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA and we’re always willing to try new things and accommodate new ideas – especially with our customers.