Values and Beliefs: We Make it Happen.

We make it happen; by each making a difference.

We take ownership
We open our eyes to issues and take ownership. We work out how to solve problems, then take action.

We are positive
We have high energy and are positive with a can-do attitude.

We are accountable
We measure ourselves against our required behaviours, objectives, goals and targets and take necessary action where we’re not meeting them.

We communicate.

We make it happen; by communicating.

We use direct communication
We recognise that it’s important to share ideas and information. Where possible, we do this in a way that connects people.

We work as a team
We understand the knock-on effect our actions have on the people around us and communicate with respect.

We build trust
We respect and value people and processes, creating transparency, clarifying expectations and confronting reality.

We protect.

We make it happen; by protecting our customers’ brands.

We support and promote our customers’ products.

We make decisions based on protecting our customer brands and values.

We care about the needs of our customer brands.

We do the right thing.

We make it happen; by doing it right.

We do the right thing.

We own up to our mistakes and accept responsibility if we make them, and allow others to fix theirs.

We value an honest, no blame culture.

We are safe.

We make it happen; by being safe.

We understand the requirements of personal and food safety.

Personal and food safety are the highest priority in our business.

We challenge unsafe or inappropriate actions.