International Footprint

Our UK operation is a global exporter of grain-based cereals and we’re proud to supply these ingredients to over four continents.

We’re 100 % focussed on our business relationships and do not believe in competing with our customers. That’s why we’re not a player in the retail arena.

Our products are a major part of some of the world’s most well-known and trusted brands. What makes us unique is our ability to work on new product development projects with global brands, while also working with much smaller niche market brands.

We pride ourselves to being sensitive to the needs of our customers in all parts of the world, and always take their specific preferences and legal requirements for food safety and security into account.

We work closely with food and beverage manufacturers all over the world to help them produce high quality food products.

Our team has a marketing driven approach and appreciates that our customers need flexibility, as consumer preferences are different all over the world. By taking this approach we can provide our customers with the stability and security they should rightly expect from their strategic supplier.

We’re able to supply various destinations depending on the local requirement. In most cases we prefer to supply customers directly, but we can also work through a broker or agent network when needed.