We’re experts in oat milling and the manufacturing of grain-based ingredients. We understand our products intimately and work with our customers to select the most suitable for their requirements.

We specialise in oats and oat-based products, including a wide range of oat flakes, oat flours and oat bran. We also offer wheat flakes, barley flakes and barley flour.

We’re experts in flaking wheat, barley, corn/maize and rice-based cereals and are renowned for our extruded capabilities. We select only the highest quality raw materials and work closely with farmers and merchants to ensure a sustainable supply of grain.

We buy local in consideration of sustainability and environmental factors. Most years 100% of our oats and wheat come from British farmers within an 80 mile radius of our production units.

We’re one of the largest B2B suppliers of oats globally. We don’t believe in competing with our customers so don’t sell as a brand name in supermarkets, which gives us a unique position in the market.

We have overall control of our supply chain; from raw material intake to production and delivery. We’re a key supplier to many successful oat-based cereal brands in the United Kingdom.

Our ambition is to continue our growth, and reach new destinations throughout the globe. New products are the lifeblood of a company, and changes in the market drive the need for new products and innovations. That’s why we work with our customers globally on product development and improvements to their portfolios.