Our Methods

Over the last four decades we’ve evolved from a small family business to one of the largest in our industry.

We supply customers in over four continents and our ingredients are part of a supply chain in all these areas. We’ve adapted our approach over the years to ensure we align our methods to match these diverse markets.

Our practices have to align with the practises of our customer base, and the foundation of this is an ethical and transparent approach to everything we do.

Although we’ve made some minor changes to the way we do things over the years, we’re very proud that our foundations and core business DNA have never been compromised. The day we started our business vision was “let’s make it happen” and we’ve continued to live by this.

Our approach is, and will continue to be, one based on integrity, honesty, fairness and transparency. We expect similar values from our suppliers, contractors and staff.

Our suppliers, contractors and customers can be safe in the knowledge that nothing we do or condone will ever embarrass them. We will attach several of our policies to this website. All these policies are part of our staff handbook, which clearly communicates to all new and current staff what is expected of them.

The following areas are examples of policies and principles our business adheres to.

• We respect the law at all times and understand what the law requires from us.

• We are responsible citizens and respect the environment. We will endeavour to make decisions based on our responsibilities of being a good to the planet, and continue to study the impact of everything we do on the environment both on a micro and macro level.

• We respect labour and human rights and treat everyone ethically and with dignity.

• We take the safety of our staff very seriously and will continue to assess risks and mitigate any problems through investments and training.

• We have zero tolerance for fraud, bribery and corruption. Staff can report any questionable action, transaction or methods by contacting an independent whistle-blowing helpline called SeeHearSpeakUp. Our policy regarding bribery and corruption and how we handle gifts can be found here. We will never be prepared to bribe someone or pay any individual to gain / retain any business. Anyone acting in such a manner will be dealt with in a very firm manner.

• We reject any form of discrimination and will protect our staff against any such practices.

• We encourage honesty and praise staff who have the courage to immediately own up to any mistakes they make.

• We respect and encourage individuality and want our staff to feel they can offer their opinions.

• We pay our staff market related salaries and will always express our strong opinions against individuals and companies condoning slavery, child labour and human trafficking.

• We understand the huge responsibility we have to protect our customers’ brands by providing ingredients made in a food safe environment and supply chain.