Richardson Milling UK


Richardson Milling (UK) Limited is a global exporter of oats, milled oat products, and cereal grains. Alongside our Richardson Food & Ingredients sales team, we supply value-added food ingredients to customers in the UK and around the world.

We are strategically located in prime oat growing country. Our success is rooted in our long-term partnerships with food and beverage manufacturers who seek performance-driven ingredients for their food products.

Proudly serving some of the world’s most recognised and trusted brands, our commitment to excellence extends through the entire process. From partnering with local growers and an extensive network of grain merchants to source high quality oats, to oat milling, product development, and cutting-edge ingredient innovation, our business covers every aspect of the supply chain. Our integrated network means we can offer security of supply and traceability to our customers who can give that same promise of quality to their customers.

Explore our commitment to quality and innovation in oat and cereal food manufacturing.

Richardson International

Leaders in Agriculture and Food Processing

Richardson Milling (UK) Limited is the UK operating arm of Richardson International, Canada’s largest agribusiness and a global food company with expertise in oilseed processing, oat and durum milling, malting, and value-added food ingredients production and packaging.

With over 100 locations and more than 3,500 employees worldwide, Richardson International and its operating divisions are strategically positioned for growth.

Our Facilities

Mile Road, Bedford UK

Milling Operations

Mile Road, Bedford

Our state-of-the-art oat milling facility processes key cereal grains – oats, wheat, and barley – sourced directly from local producers within an 60-mile radius. Our team is equipped with agronomic expertise to secure success at the source. We ensure that quality and performance specifications meet the standards of our end-use customers, well before raw products enter our mill.

Processed oats and cereal grains are delivered in the UK and exported to over 50 countries around the world.

Hudson Road, Bedford UK

Food Ingredients Division

Hudson Road, Bedford

At Hudson Road, our world-class production facility is dedicated to transforming base products into value-added food ingredients. We prioritise meeting the unique needs of our customers, empowering them to deliver a consistent standard of ingredient quality and experience that resonates with their own customers.

We collaborate to develop an extensive range of innovative products, encompassing flakes, toasted, blended, and coated grains, as well as extruded cereal ingredients.

Our Values



We deliver on our promises and prioritise our customers’ needs and interests. We are committed to transparency and reliability across our supply chain and take pride in our reputation as a partner of choice.


From best-in-class talent, facilities, and practices, we are dedicated to excellence in customer service. We constantly seek ways to improve our strategies, assets, and technologies. We are committed to quality and continuous improvement.



We emphasize resourcefulness and value creativity. Our work is driven by vision and initiative, contributing to our customers’ sustained success. 



We value strong partnerships – when we work together toward a common goal, we are more successful. Respect and fair treatment are integral to how we operate. We are community oriented.

Strategic Thinking


We are problem solvers, backed by data and accurate information. We make informed investments that are practical and effective for our business, teams, and partners.  



We are a responsible employer and corporate citizen, driven by integrity and leading by example. Personal and food safety are our highest priority. Quality standards and environmental stewardship are foundational pillars within our operating model. 

A Legacy of Continuous Investment

From a small family business to the world’s largest oat miller in a global enterprise, our journey is marked by evolution. We have tailored our methods to diverse markets, attracted top talent, empowered our food science experts, and invested in innovation for operational excellence.

Throughout, our vision and dedication remain unwavering: achieving success through reliability, transparency, and a keen eye to quality.

Discover our journey and see our growth over the years.

  • Today

    As part of Richardson International’s capital program announced in 2021, the Bedford oat mill is set for a significant expansion to increase capacity by over 35%. To better serve the evolving needs of customers, the overhaul will enhance operational efficiencies, modernize the facility, and provide increased storage capacity.

  • 2017

    Richardson International, a leader in Canadian agriculture and food processing, acquires EOM. The company is rebranded as Richardson Milling (UK) Limited.

  • 2013 – 2014

    EOM acquires a new production facility at Hudson Road, which focuses on developing value-added oat products. Simultaneously, a new renovation program is planned to rejuvenate the Mile Road mill.

  • 2000s

    EOM undergoes rapid and substantial growth, doubling in size through ongoing investment projects aimed at increasing capacity and expanding the site.

  • 1980

    Conagra USA becomes a significant shareholder, leading to the mill’s renaming as European Oat Millers (EOM).

  • 1972

    The first oat mill is constructed at Mile Road.

  • 1900 – 1949

    The British government develops grain silos for regional food security, and the current site footprint is established. By the mid-20th century, the Jordan family, boasting five generations of prominent oat millers, rents the site.