BRC – British Retail Consortium – Grade A: BRC is a food safety and quality standard all producers in the UK need to adhere to. Without this, non-credited companies cannot supply the market. We have AA level BRC accreditation for both of our sites, which is proof of our dedication to food safety and quality practises.

FEMAS – Food Material Assurance Scheme: This accreditation tests our ability to supply animal feed products safely to consumers. The high scores we achieve each year prove that only the highest quality raw materials ever leave our sites.

Halal: Our business is audited annually to ensure we operate in an acceptable manner for Islamic Law.

Kosher: We are inspected by a Kosher Auditor each year to ensure our production processes are suitable for kosher requirements.

The Investors in People Standard: This standard is designed to advance an organisation’s performance through its employees. It helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of their people.

It has three principles to which an organisation must subscribe and key indicators to work towards. An external assessor looks for evidence that these principles and indicators have been implemented throughout the organisation. Investors in People (IIP) provides a flexible framework that any organisation can use. It mirrors the business planning cycle (plan – do – review) making it clear for organisations to follow and implement into their own planning cycle.

The framework is based on three main principles:

1. Plan – developing strategies to improve the performance of the organisation.

2. Do – taking action to improve the performance of the organisation.

3. Review – evaluating the impact of its investment in people on the performance of the organisation.

Each principle has clear indicators underpinning it.