The Mill

As the second largest oat miller in Europe, our products are trusted by major brands and food retailers all over the world.

As experts in our field, we’re dedicated to driving innovation in our manufacturing operations. With state of the art facilities at our Bedford site, we mill oats, wheat and barley. We also produce flakes, giving our customers a wider range of services under one roof.

Our experienced team uses their detailed knowledge of retail processes, attention to detail and proactive approach to deliver the best to our customers.

Our quality runs across all price bands, from value lines to core and premium products, so our customers receive the highest standard at the most cost-effective price.

We’re no stranger to trying something new and will happily explore new, exciting opportunities.

Our operations team is committed to delivering exceptional products, using their unrivalled knowledge of the milling process. Our presence is felt globally; we’re a major exporter to Southern Africa, the Middle East, China and India.

The UK operational is  now benefitting from the expertise we are gaining from our parent company who is the largest oat miller in North America . This will open up research benefits for our customers and will help to protect our customers with business continuity options.